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MPress Records Goes Global: To Launch Rachael Sage's Delancey Street Worldwide

New York City based independent record label MPress Records celebrates the global release of flagship artist and founder Rachael Sage's latest record, "Delancey Street". MPress recently partnered with international record distributor ADA Global, and on May 30th the"Delancey Street" Deluxe edition will be released throughout Continental Europe and other select territories. Sage will support the release with an international tour, including stops in London, Paris, Hamburg and Amsterdam.
On the deluxe version of Sage's critically acclaimed "Delancey Street", international music fans will enjoy brand new packaging, artwork and additional tracks produced by legendary 14-time Grammy® Winner Phil Ramone (Billy Joel, Elton John). The album will be released in European markets including France, Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and more!
For more details please visit
www.rachaelsage.com/shows | Twitter: @RachaelSage

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