Seems Madam? I know not seems. (madam_seems) wrote in villagevoices,
Seems Madam? I know not seems.

Want to voice your opinion on national TV?

"Two-Way Street" is a new PBS Talk Show that calls for audience members to be a part of the television broadcast, making comments or asking questions of the panelists. The panelists are political authors and politicians.

We will be taping two shows THIS Thursday October 15th:

1st show- "Should Illegal Drugs be Decriminalized?" Arrival time 12pm
2nd show-"Is Corporate Farming Bad for your Health?" Arrival time: 2:30pm

Want to know how you can be part of this? Send an e-mail to

include your name, age, phone number and how many tickets you would like. The studio is located at 885 2nd Avenue & 47th Street.

Groups that attend the taping will be invited to receive VIP Tickets to a taping "the Daily Show with Jon Stewart" during its 2010 season.

This is NOT a paid event.

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